Analysis of the goals conceded against Werder Bremen

Very good team performance, excellent team selection, and some sterling personal performances, particularly from two largely less “popular” players in Jenas and Kaboul. I personally believe that we would have won 0-2 if Gomes had been playing, but then there are no guarantees.

Almeida’s goal.

Wesley picks up a loose ball, and has plenty of time. Jenas stands off him because there are two players making a dart behind him – he can’t risk moving towards the ball in my opinion, and we seem to have things generally under control in the box.

Almeida is clearly onside when the ball is played – both Assou-Ekotto and Corluka are playing him comfortably on, and King is also level with him.

When watching the clip, as the camera moves towards the goal, you almost expect the goalkeeper to be there – Gomes would have been. The ball hangs in the air, and when Almeida makes contact, it is virtually in the 6-yard box. There is no doubt in my mind that this is the goalkeeper’s territory, and Cudicini should be claiming or punching the ball.

Having said that, knowing that he is rooted to his line, Assou-Ekotto and King should have – between them – done more to stop Almeida getting a free header.

It’s not a great contact – it doesn’t need to be, as Cudicini is floundering.

Marin’s goal.

Another frustrating goal to give away, not least because it came so early in the half, where you’d want us to keep things tight. Marin had been the danger man in the first half, and I would have expected Redknapp to ask Lennon to double up on him where possible – he is virtually on the halfway line here.

With players rushing back into position, King slides in to win the ball. Corluka is dropping off in case his man, Marin decides to go on the outside.

Instead, Marin only has one thought in his mind once he picks up the ball, and moves towards the centre.

Huddlestone has been caught too high up the pitch, and can’t influence things, so one of the defenders needs to come out – Kaboul starts to do this.

Unfortunately, Kaboul gets to Marin too late, and he gets a shot away – firm and low.

Cudicini is beaten so easily at his near post in my opinion. It is in the corner, but look how flat-footed he is caught- he barely gets any spring.

A point that I would no doubt have taken before kick off, but having been two goals ahead, it is slightly disappointing.

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  1. Totally agree with you, Carlo was also all over the place for WBA's goal the other day. he is no way near good enough, I guess 7 years on the bench does that to you! Gomes needs to get fit asap, if not the new boy needs to come in.
  2. BAE is at fault fot the first goal, period. The easy clearance he should have made ends up as a throw in 10 yards from the corner flag and from the throw in Bremen creates the goal. He isn´t steady performer at the moment.
  3. Totally agree BAE cost us this. My arse twitches everytime he gets the ball.
  4. Good analysis. I am not surprised, however, that both goals (shot and cross) come in from the right. I've written elsewhere that I am concerned with Lennon's continued selection. No doubt he’s been great on many an occasion and a game changer in the past but since coming back from injury he has rarely put in a performance we all know he is capable of. Maybe a spell on the bench might regenerate the passion? I remember salivating at the prospect of the Bale and Lennon show. Problem is, without him putting teams under pressure on the right coupled with his lightweight defensive ability, his continued selection seems a bit of a luxury at the moment and generates a preferred avenue of attack for the opposition.
  5. I'd say Cudicini is responsible for the last four goals we have conceded costing us 3 points in the league and two points in the CL. In the absence of Gomes, its time to give Pletikosa a chance.

    Clearly Cudicini a good pro but at 37 he's just too old.
  6. Its ridicolous to say that "BAE cost us this". Yes, his miskicked clearance gave them the throw in that eventually lead to the goal, but we had plenty of time to get ourselves together between the throw in and the pass that found their goalscorer. In the first half, BAE was maybe our best player. Nothing came past him, and his passes to Bale (1st goal, for instance) were top class. In the 2nd half he did ok, most of their attacks came on charlie's side. Charlie struggled much more than BAE and is starting to become a liability to the team.
  7. Drop Palacios, Lennon, Corluka, BAE and Carlo.
  8. Marko Marin is their version of Luka Modric. Quite a talent.
  9. Watched the game, and I think the critisism of BAE is harsh, he plays neat tidy football, links well with Bale. He does have the odd rush of blood to the head, but we defended very poorly down the right side. Corluka is slow, and gives away posession too easily, and I am mistified as to know what has happened to lennon, he was as dangerous as Bale, but looks like his confidence is shot, he was terrible for England too. Perhaps a spell on the benchfor Lennon, and drop Corluka, quickly, we have enough right backs!. And I agree completely, had Gomes played last night, we would have won.
  10. Spot on windy are you sure you are not Bondy in disguise . Are you doing a Davspurs using another name. Ekotto Corluka and sadly Lennon are playing on borrowed time Lennon needs to have his groin operated on or forget the pain and get stuck in. Ekotto has got mental problems after he does something good he then goes schizo and ruins it. Corluka strengths where not ball watching he his now ball watching and nearly fell over getting beat by the same player in the same move three times.. The rest suffered from the Van going of and Ekottos shanked clearance or should i say back clearance.Davspurs still Happy i Think three points will make it me even happier on SAT.

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