Analysis of the goal conceded against Newcastle (22/01)

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Coloccini’s goal

A throw in is taken on the right. The eventual scorer, Coloccini, has stayed forward from a previous set piece, and is on the far side of the pitch. Lennon has tucked round, and Hutton is staying wide to keep an eye on Coloccini.

The ball is worked back to Guthrie, and we have maintained our shape.

Guthrie looks to angle a diagonal ball – Coloccini is alive to this, but Hutton isn’t, and now has a problem, with Coloccini on his shoulder.

As the ball drops, Hutton is in no-man’s land unless he has read the flight.

But he hasn’t, and Coloccini’s first touch on his chest takes him inside Hutton, giving him a yard of space to get a shot away. Gallas has read the danger, but can’t get across quickly enough due to the expert chest trap.

It’s a decent enough strike, but there’s no way that this should be going in.

Cudicini makes a total hash of the save, and it flies off his hands into the far corner.

Not a pretty goal to concede; although Guthrie’s well-flighted pass and Collocini’s chest trap were excellent, we defended it poorly. In fact, having had such a good game against Manchester United, Hutton had a poor one against Newcastle.

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  1. For Barton insert Guthrie, whose crossfield ball caused all the problems. Cudicini is becoming the fall guy here as Collocini's hit was really savage and moved about alot. More credit to the cultured Argentinian methinks.
  2. Sorry - it was Guthrie not Barton or Nolan (blush).
  3. Apologies - you're quite right, I will edit.
    Thanks for pointing that out.
  4. Hutton let the ball bounce in the area, which is the cardinal sin of defending. But he had a decent game overall. I can think of many players who played worse than him that day. However the ball to Coloccini was THAT good, that Hutton did not know which way to turn. But I also think we should give Coloccini more credit. If Tevez did that, people would purr. As for Cudicini, again you are being harsh. It is a 50-50 save. Half the time you'd expect him to save that. It was hit that hard, with the whole goal to aim at.
  5. Cudicini has problems moving to his left and seems to be weak on that side. Remember the cross that he flapped at? A stronger arm on both occasions would have dealt with the situation. Nice ball from Guthrie. Isolating the full back on far post can work well, shame Spurs aren't fluid enough to do it. Crouch seems to deter the opposition defenders coming out and leaving space behind them. Sorry a bit off subject.
  6. Hutton was awful throughout - no surprise there then. Bring back Corluka.
  7. JILL: Why do people have it in for Hutton? The guy played ok. Even SkySports rated his performance as a 7. Yet you described him as "awful throughout". I admit that I wanted him to be sold pre season, but the guy has come in and done well. Not the most solid, but for what he lacks in solidity, he makes up elsewhere.
  8. Harsh on Cudicini - when those guys hit the ball like that (he had time and space to plant his foot on it perfectly), it stays hit. You could blame Lennon for not hanging back to cover, but I'm not sure he should be staying deep with the ball out that far.

    So I think the blame has to (again) fall on Hutton - he let the ball land in the box, failed to even get close enough to challenge for it, and then let Collocini get it on his stronger foot.

    I also think Corluka should get a run in the side.
  9. Hutton played ok overall and so did Cudocini with two very good late saves at 1-0 which gave us the chance to equalise.
    Both players though made mistakes here.

    With attacking full backs there are negatives and positives. Hutton's positive in getting forward for me outweigh the negatives of his occasionally being caught out of position.
    Just about on this occasion.
    If Defoe or Bale or Lennon had scored that goal we would be talking about brilliant play not blaming the full back.
  10. hutton deserves criticism for his performance against newcastle. he completely misread the diagonal ball to coloccini. then, late in stoppage time, when we were storming forward and looked capable of finding a winner, he plays a lazy lob into the box looking for i assume an absent peter crouch. he had a decent spell of getting forward for several matches over the christmas period but of late i feel like he doesn't know what to do with himself except cut inside and lose it at the 18 or put up a prayer to the far post. totally predictable. need to change it up.
  11. Have a look at Hutton on the chalkboard and then tell me he did well. His passing is poor. his defensive positioning is awful. His crossing is erratic at best. Lennon gets more usable passes from 10 minutes playing with Corluka than he does from a whole match with Hutton. He lacks a football brain which is why his 'getting forward' is of relatively little use. He is I accept a good athlete but that does not make him a top level footballer.
  12. Agreed with Jill here. Hutton had a very poor game, he was our weakest player. I'm backing Corluka to make a comeback as him and Lennon have a very good partnership and it gets the best out of the winger. Corluka is also much stronger defensively but the only thing Hutton has on Corluka is pace. His run must be coming to an end, as I state in my blog.

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