Cristian Ceballos makes Spurs debut in Portugal

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Recent signing Cristian Ceballos came on as a second half substitute as a Spurs XI beat a strong Nottingham Forest side in the Algarve.

I’m not 100% sure of the formation, but it seems that the following started the game:

Byrne Livermore Kantoutsis (trialist) Townsend
Mason Luongo Carroll
Obika Kane Waller-Lassen

With a lack of natural centre backs it seems that Jake Livermore, normally a midfield player, filled in alongside Greek trialist Tasos Kantoutsis.

Nottingham Forest used a lot of their first team player, although Andy Reid missed out through injury.

Moloney Chambers Morgan Lynch
Gunter Majewski Cohen McGugan
McGoldrick Tudgay

Harry Kane put us 2-0 up – first finishing one-on-one after an Obika effort was saved, before scoring his second from 25-yards. Wes Morgan pulled one back as we failed to clear from a corner, but Kudus Oyenuga came off the bench (along with Ceballos and Nicholson) and made it 3-1 around 80 minutes. Joe Garner scored a late consolation for Forest.

Spurs official site report
Nottingham Forest site report

The young Spurs XI team also play Brighton on Tuesday night, again in Portugal, while the main squad (minus the injured Luka Modric) start their pre-season against Kaizer Chiefs this afternoon.

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  1. I assume Ceballos wasn't on long enough to make an impact? Does he look as small as everyone's saying?
  2. Well done windy a good win against a strong side Kane and Oyenugu could be our future strikers fingers crossed. davspurs
  3. Ceballos looks a good prospect. let's hope the fans don't expect him to set the world a light straight away!
  4. I agree kane could become a great first team striker for us, he is showing great potential.
    I really hope Ceballos is play against mk dons.I'm going to that game, then I will get to see him. Does anyone now who the trialist was?
  5. Anonymous, please read the line up again, we don't usually play with 12 players...trialist is kantoutsis lol
  6. ^ LOL!!!!!
  7. Windy; It's nice to read a bit od news that is honest. I'm a bit fed up with all this Modric stuff. Thank you for your report.
  8. Skizt - unfortunately I only know what I know from reading tweets and other snippets of information, so I am unsure...

    Davspurs - cheers! Great win, yeah - Kane is certainly one to watch.

    Free Advertising (!) - He is only 18 so long way to go as you say.

    Anon @ 20:34 - I think Kane has a tonne of potential, but he's not even 18 yet so we need to be patient.

    Anon @ 9:45 - pleasure! Hopefully I'll be able to do put something similar together after Tuesday's game.
  9. anyone know the substitutions minutes and who came in for whom?
    Thanks from Bill, a Forest record-keeping fan
  10. Bill - I have since found out that it was a 4-3-3 along the following lines:

    Byrne Livermore Kantoutsis (trialist) Townsend
    Mason Luongo Carroll
    Obika Kane Waller-Lassen

    Second half subs - exact times unknown:

    Jake Nicholson came on for Kantoutsis.
    Alex Pritchard & Kudos Oyenuga came on for Jon Obika (and one other - possibly Jesse Waller-Lassen).
    Cristian Ceballos came on for Tom Carroll.
  11. this is so refreshing to read, look.. even the air is clear. Makes a pleasant change to read a footbal related article on this feed.. not everyone is obsessed with the BBc /sky trash reports that focus on gossip and other pointless and vacuous areas that is now the 'show ponys' and rumour mill merchant peddlars paradise.. great job !
  12. Firstly, apologies for a load of my out of date articles coming up on NewsNow - no idea what they've done!
    Secondly, thanks so much for the kind comments - glad you enjoyed the article!
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  14. i would like to attend this show and i hope he dose well at the end of the show.
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