Analysis of the goal conceded against Shamrock Rovers (29/9)

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Stephen Rice’s goalCudicini parries a firmly struck free kick from McCabe, a first time effort is slammed in low, and Rice deftly lifts it over the goalkeeper.

A McCabe free kick is curled to the far post – Cudicini gets two hands to it but, instead of putting it round the post, he parries it back out into the area.

Twigg is running on to the ball at the edge of the box. Note Bassong’s position – he has neither pushed out to play off-side, nor tried to cover part of the goal line. Instead, he is playing the eventual goal-scorer onside and stood in Cudicini’s line of sight.

Twigg strikes the ball well, and the onside Rice gets a foot to his effort.

It’s quick thinking from Rice, who dinks the ball over Cudicini, who is left helpless.

Overall it was a good performance from a Spurs team which included ten changes from the line-up against Wigan (only Walker survived). We held the midfield well, with Livermore and Carroll constantly picking up loose balls and feeding our attacking players. Giovani was bright and creative, although did not always pick the right option, and Danny Rose was typically industrious from left back, making surge after surge forward.

The big disappointment in the first half was the performance of our strikers; Defoe, who barely got involved, and Pavlyuchenko, who wasted some good opportunities. In the second half, our forwards looked hungrier (although not always wiser), and we had a lot more cutting edge to our play, particularly after going one down. Townsend came on for Lennon and provided direct running and good deliveries, one of which created our opener.

I would expect nine or ten changes for Arsenal game, with Walker and possibly Defoe retaining places (although personally I’d stick with the team that beat Wigan last weekend).

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  1. Cudicini is the most at fault here, because you must deal with the problem first hand. Parry it round the post and regroup. Once rebounds occur, anything can happen, and you really cannot practice on how to deal with those. So I would slightly let Bassong off on that one...but you would have to wonder why he is the only one remaining back there! The free kick was not too venomous, it was keeper-height, and it only needed a slight deflection to take it past the post. No excuse to palm it into middle of the box. Friedel AND Gomes would have dealt with that one.
  2. Most worrying thing last night was Lennon. Rose, Walker and Townsend showed that they could go past the Shamrock defenders at will (as they should). Lenny seemed unable/unwilling to go past his man, unfit or a serious crisis of confidence? I'm a big fan of Lenny's but at this point he doesn't deserve a place on the bench.
  3. Jill - Lennon is dealing with things but it is his first game back. But you cannot compare Townsend, Rose and Walker to him because Lennon was double-teamed. The others weren't. In fact, Rose AND Walker were playing from full back position, so it is even easier to go past defenders from deep as they are trying to mark Gio/Lennon and cannot mark 2 men at once. Townsend also was collecting the ball from very deep positions, and his at full pelt by the time he meets defenders. I believe that Harry deliberately sacrifices Lennon and pushes him up to occupy defenders and create room for others. If Lennon collected the ball deeper, he WOULD go past defenders.
  4. Hope You're right, as I say I'm a big Lenny fan - he just seems to be missing his usual zip.
  5. Thanks as usual Windy. Jill - Lennon has been out for a month. It was always going to be a quiet game for him. I'd probably sideline him for the NLD but he does need time to regain form and fitness.
  6. Three players I felt needed a goal to there name to get it out of their system and get them focussed on their inbox play were Bale, Dos Santos and Townsend. Two out of the three done so so far so good.

    I hope it happens for Townsend soon, he looks a fantastic impact sub at the moment, but feel like Dos Santos that he tries to beat one too many people and lose a goal scoring oppurtunity trying to snatch at something when a pass was a better option. Speaking from personal experience a single goal in any match would settle him at that all important moment.

    He does look exciting though. Was impressed with Carroll too, in the past few matches we saw him do flambouyant and we saw him take control, but in this match we saw him put a shift in, do the work that doesnt get noticed. Probably the player I'm most interested to see develop, though with competition for that particular place in the team I worry he will end up like Hazard did (a player he reminds me of very much in many ways)
  7. Think this game was scripted by the PR departments.
    Look we'll let you win, but our goalie has to play a blinder, (Dont they always) be nice if we went ahead, have a word with Cudicini.
    Yeh Ok we've got a couple of players we want to shift in January be good if they scored.
    OK Harry? Sorted.

    We've got 10 players in and around the box but not very well distributed. In fact a couple of them seem to be marking each other.
    Keeper error is the key here. Why didn't he catch it or knock it down? There's no challenge on him.
  8. Anon @ 09:31 - Yeah, agreed, was a relatively easy one for Carlo to deal with and he should have turned it round the post.

    Jill - He didn't look himself last night - hopefully just rusted after his lay-off.

    Anon @ 10:18 - A good point, but he did have opportunities one on one last night, which he seemed nervous to take.

    bonse - Some excellent points! For me, Townsend is the perfect impact sub right now - determined, pacy, direct and capable of scoring/assissting. I'd like to see him used more off the bench.

    Jimmy - Love it! Catch it, turn it round the post, push it out for a throw...any of those options were preferable/just as easy!


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