Expected line-up for PAOK

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Rumours suggest that the Spurs line-up for tomorrow’s game will be:

Walker Corluka Bassong Townsend
Falque Livermore Carroll dos Santos

Using the squad towards the bottom of our home page on the UEFA site, we can have a guess at the subs too – Cudicini, Nicholson, Fredericks, Pritchard, Stewart, Barthram, Parrett.

To give a brief run-down of the players that you may not have heard about:

Kevin Stewart – a calm defender who can play anywhere across the back-line but is better at centre back. A good reader of the game, with decent ability on the ball.

Jack Barthram – an energetic full-back, who mainly plays on the right (and is right-footed) but has played on the left. He is a very committed, hard-working player who likes to bomb forward in support.

Alex Pritchard – an inventive link-player who schemes in midfield, and likes to break forward. He has a good scoring record at youth level, and was fantastic in the recent NextGen Series game against Inter Milan. His superb free-kick is at the end of this video.

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  1. wots up with john bostock any info anybody
  2. I've been trying to guess the team too - debating between your lineup and Parrett for Kane with Gio further forward. Hope Pav looks a bit more like he cares than against Hearts and that Gio feels he's got something to prove.
  3. Windy exciting late news 16 year old Soulman could be playing its just bean announced on SSN. DAVSPURS
  4. Soulman? As in Sam n Dave?
  5. Bostock anybody know what is going on with him???
  6. Where is Ceballos???
  7. I read somewhere Bostock has just come back from an injury.. might be a bit risky.
  8. Bostock recently scored for a spurs X1.
    I hope thats true about souleymane couibaly going to greece, he is a millioe times better than donkey pavlyuchenko.
  9. "Windy exciting late news 16 year old Soulman could be playing its just bean announced on SSN. DAVSPURS"

    He can't, he has not been qat spurs for more then two years, so can't make the B squad

    I would like to see Pritchard play, he looks like something special.

  10. So how come brian ruiz and riise can play for fulham? Has falque been with us for 2 years? No he hasnt.
  11. It looks like it will be a 3-5-2 I'd have a quess at team being gk cudicini rcb corluka capt, cb lass- wellen lcb bassong, rwb walker rcam Falque cm Livermore lcm carrol lwb townsend fw gio cf pav
  12. 1. List A (eg Ruiz for Fulham) is limited to 25 players and no requirement for any time to have played for the club - Spurs did not nominate Souleymane in List A. List B (under 21's only) requires that the players need to have registered/played for the club for 2 years so the likes of Souleymane Coulybaly and Cristian Cellabos cannot be included. Bostock has not been included on List A or B according to UEFA website this evening.

    2 I agree that Windy's team is expected from Wednesday's training but I must admit I am nervous about its centre and would suggest swapping Kane for someone like Parrett to give us 3 in central midfield (Parrett likes a tacke as well as being able to support attack) - away I think we need extra muscle in central midfield, although I would like to see Kane scoring goals ! However with Falque and Dos Santos with Pav, goals should not be a problem !? Just not sure that Kane, Dos Santos or Falque have the tracking back abilities necessary to reinfoce the centre needed in an away game, unless PAOK are weaker than Hearts. The other change I would make is Falque to the left and Dos Santos being on the right, which I think is their stronger sides - although they may change several times in the match to confuse.

    3 If Harry has included 3 of our 6 fit defenders (only King, Kaboul and Assou Ekotto are not included), I think Harry wants a result and therefore will include a stronger bench, maybe Defoe, Huddlestone and Krancjar on the brench alongside 3 of the kids - this gives us a Plan B as well as experience for the kids. Just an opinion of course !

    Whatever the result, it should be good experience for some of the kids - with a 3rd central midfielder I would be very confident of a result. Without, it could be win, draw or losss!

  13. This was announced on sky news about Soulman or Sam and Dave has one of my fellow Cockerel said. I heard its not a problem in the early group stages. This would be my team Pat Jennings Walker Corluka Bassong Bond Fredricks Tim Sherwood Parret Carroll Townsend Clive Allen Ferdinand Subs Joe Jordan Jamie Redknapp Martin Chivers Cliff Jones Parks Pritchard Manager Davspurs trainer Eddie Ephedrine .This would tell Ufa its shit playing on Thursday
  14. We came unstuck in the Carling Cup against Arsenal last year by playing too many youngsters at once.

    It's not fair on them and disrespectful to fans and the competition.

    I know we have injuries but a few more experienced players would balance the team especially in midfield.

    You follow the youngsters closely, would the line-up you anticipate do the job of getting at least a point and not be shattered by the experience?

    I would play Dos Santos behind Pav, as he is not a winger.
  15. I found it interesting that it was said we would play a much weaker team than normal due to the injuries as well, personally I hope this will be the last time the kids are sent to the wolves by themselves raher than 3 or 4 being integrated into existing first team rotation for these Europa matches.

    Also, anyone who saw the Swansea match will have seen a valiant goal line clearence by our own Steve Caulker, I hear the collison with the woodwork that followed has resulted in an 8 week injury absence, injury jinx seems to travel.
  16. The experience is provided by Gomes/Cudicini, Corluka, Bassong, Pav and Gio is also an experienced player.

    Happy with the side and looking forward to the game. For me this is the right approach as qualification for the Champions league is far more important. The 1st XI shouldn't play in this competition at all, the shadow squad can have that role.

    This competition simply has to many games, 17 I believe if someone wants to win it, that's half a seasons football.

    Your chance to show us what you can do Gio, as someone who is not a fan I'll be interested in his performance.
  17. Thanks to all for the comments, and to Spursidol for clearing up the confusion.

    A good showing from our youngsters, I thought.
  18. Good showing indeed

    Windy, have you heard anything about Soli recently? Not playing for the U18s vs. Charlton, not playing for the Dev squad against West Ham or Kettering. He's also been removed from the Spurs player list.

    What's deal? He's surely good enough for those games, all a bit strange really. Heard anything?

    Nick/Ron Burgundy
  19. Nick - no idea, it's very weird. Can only think the profile removal was an error?
  20. Nick here - hopefully you're right. There's some weirdo on Twitter pretending to be him (his real account is something like SoulCoulibaly19), and on his official one he congratulated the team (in English, most of his stuff is French, understandably) so hopefully it's nothing.

    Has potential by all accounts
  21. Six clean sheets in eight games Windy.
    I bet you are one of the few people pleased to be unemployed.
  22. perhaps an Arsenal Own Goals analysis to help pass the time? :)
  23. Jimmy - it's wonderful, isn't it? I think Ledley's presence has been a big factor in the Wolves and Liverpool games, but also Parker and Modric's partnership. We look very solid!

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