Analysis of the goal conceded against Maribor (8/11)

Beric’s goalAn absolute disaster for two players playing for a place in Sunday’s side – Naughton plays a terrible pass back to Lloris, who tries to round Beric, only for the scorer from the first game to read his movement and finish.

Vertonghen plays the ball back to Lloris, who has a bit of time to pick a pass.

Beric presses Lloris, but he retains possession by chipping out wide to Naughton.

Naughton brings the ball under control, but doesn’t turn (despite his man being some way off him).

Naughton backs himself into a bit of a corner, although could potentially look to Vertonghen.

Instead, he tries to find Lloris, not realising that Beric is still near to him.

The pass makes Lloris rush, but from this view it’s clear that he could just clear out to the right.

Instead he tries to take the ball round Beric on to his left foot…

…and he gets caught in possession, with Beric prodding home.

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  1. Don't mind conceding goals like this from this point of view, they only happen once. Like Walker's it ultimately didnt change the final result, like Walker's you fix it by saying, dont ever do that again, and chances are they wont.

    Nothing fundamentally wrong, just a momentary lapse.

    I would point out that we defended a 2 goal advantage much more comfortably than the 1 goal advantages we have previousley tried to defend, we should probably look into that.
  2. Whatever happened to the saying 'when in doubt, put it out!'.

  3. If Lloris had just left it, would Beric have been offside (can't remember if you are played on by the opposition these days)?
    Cyril COYS
  4. Was it Lloris who jumpstarted the counterattack for our third goal by getting the ball out to Adebayor quickly or did that come from a defender? Trying to remember whether the flying Frenchman redeemed himself a bit in the end, but my memory is foggy this morning...
    1. Nevermind. Based on the (very grainy) highlights I tracked down, I think it was Carroll's ball up to Ade. I wish there was video of the whole buildup.
  5. It was a horrendous mistake from Naughton, no if or buts about it - he won't make that again. It's a bad error by Lloris, but he should never have received the ball anyhow. I do think that if Naughton does the same pass to Freidel it's still a goal as Beric reaches the ball before Freidel saunters off his line in his usual manner.
  6. Cyril - no he was not offside. Longwell, yes it was Lloris. Naughton is predominantly to blame in my book, it was a silly back pass leaving Lloris with a split second to react. Many keepers would have tried the same trick and 19 times out of 20 it comes off. COYS. Mike.
  7. I still think Lloris should be our No.1 but he made three mistakes and only got punished for one.
    He flapped at a ball for a corner; he pushed a ball straight out but the forward headed over and the Naughton back pass.
    I thought we played ourselves into trouble two or three times by iffy out balls. The one to Naughton was a bit tight to start with.
    More players have to make themselves available if we are going to pass our way out from the back.

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