Analysis of the goal conceded against Swansea City (19/1)

Bony’s goal – A long ball is half-cleared by Dawson, half-cleared by Rose, and half-cleared by Bentaleb, before Davies starts a positive run into the box. He attempts to play a one-two with Bony, which Chiriches heads wide to Lamah. The winger miscues his cross perfectly into the path of Bony, who adjusts his body and steers the ball into the corner of the net.




I’m starting this quite late into the move as otherwise this will be an overly long and complex analysis, but just prior to this still, Dawson has half-cleared a long ball. Rose gets his chest to the loose ball, and tries to cushion it down for Bentaleb.


It’s a risky piece of play from Rose – primarily because he has a better view of the pitch than Bentaleb. Bentaleb really needs to just swing a right-foot at this to clear first time. Instead, he tries to poke it to Walker with his left foot, and Lamah gets something on it to stop it finding its target.


The loose ball wouldn’t be an issue, except that Lennon has totally failed to track his man, Davies, who follows up and pushes forward with intent. Bony drops off Dawson to show for the ball, and they attempt a give-and-go.


Chiriches does pretty well to clear Bony’s lobbed pass but Walker has had to follow Lennon’s man, leaving Lamah unmarked, as Lennon is stood still.


In making the clearance, Chiriches knocks Davies to the ground.


As the ball drops kindly for Lamah, Chiriches has to awkwardly step around Davies. Lamah’s miscued cross would probably have been cleared by Chiriches were it not for Davies being in his path.


Instead, it goes through to Bony – but what follows is a pretty special finish. He has to quickly and awkwardly adjust his body shape…


…but he beautifully guides it into the corner, giving Lloris no chance.


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  1. I thought Lennon in particular was quiet poor in comparison with what we know he is capable of. He often seems to have no appetite for the ball, preferring to quickly square the ball back to a teammate, then stand and watch. Far too little of the darting runs behind, even less of taking his man on. Don't know if he is still shaking off AVB's style of play as he certainly seems to prefer his defensive work, which he does relatively well apart from the occasional lapse (see above)
  2. The more i see that goal the better i feel the finish is. Despite the peppering of long shots early on i really didn't feel our goal was threatened until that point, other than the obvious penalty. Was interested in the change of formation for this match and halfway through, I thought that taking lennon off and replacing with naughton meant that he was looking at walker as a direct replacement but it seemed to be an actual 5-4-1 formation (note: I'm calling it 541 to avoid headaches trying to figure if in this new fangled terminology it would be 3511, 361, 5221, 5131 or christ, I dunno, five at the back and others in front)
  3. […] is by no means the finished product – he played a part in Spurs’ collective failure to clear the ball prior to Wilfried Bony’s… – but if he’s looking for a player to model his game after, he could do worse than […]
  4. Thank you for sharing. I like Swansea.
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