1. There are a few things that constantly come up in Jenas threads on Spurs message boards (and indeed in mumblings around WHL) that I have never really been able to understand. Some of our fans “hate” him. He is seen as not caring/a bottle job/weak. He is seen as inconsistent. 1. Why would you hate […]
  2. First things first – we shouldn’t expect to stroll this game. Having said that, since the United game, Leeds have been on a poor run of form, drawing at home against Wycombe, and losing to Exeter (A) and Carlisle (H). Could this be to do with Beckford submitting and then retracting a transfer request? We […]
  3. Before the start of the season, I wrote an article where I assessed our squad. In this article (which was written before Bassong joined), I said that I was largely satisfied with our squad, and hoped that Harry didn’t tinker too much. With the window open again, I very much hope we adopt this approach. […]
  4. Gomes 7 – one really excellent save from Mackail-Smith, one slight slip-up where he palmed one out needlessly, but good distribution.Hutton 6 – defensively sloppy (as usual), but did OK going forward. Would clearly have profited more from going on the outside more often than that, but he didn’t seem to “get” this, and kept […]
  5. Two fantastic results in a week, which go some way to making up for a dreadfully disappointing result against Wolves. I’m particularly pleased to see us keep two clean sheets in a row (we’ve actually not conceded for 290 minutes). I commented on our lack of clean sheets back in October, and pin-pointed defensive changes […]
    • WindyCOYS
    • 4 minute read
    • 20th December 2009 at 10:54