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I convinced myself that we would beat Chelsea, that we would move into fourth and that the absence of our two star strikers, two best players would be less keenly felt than anticipated. I’m an idiot.

Jose Mourinho pre-warned of rotation for the run of three games in six days, and this team selection reflected both that plan, and a plan to match up to Chelsea’s back three. But whereas Chelsea’s was a definite back three, Mourinho set up in a flat back five. Japhet Tanganga had not played full-back before moving into the first team, but was deployed on the right of a back five here.

Serge Aurier had two poor games against Aston Villa and RB Leipzig and was overdue a rest, but this didn’t seem an ideal use of Tanganga’s skillset. Whilst he was not asked to run forward with the ball or be particularly progressive, the ball was regularly shuttled out to him as Chelsea pressed from the front. He tried three things to get out of trouble: finding an angle for a pass inside (easier said than done); winning throws by playing up the line; stepping inside to commit the pressing player. He had limited success with each, such is his skillset and he endured a difficult afternoon. Unfortunately, Juan Foyth, who is better in possession and may have been a better selection, is still recovering from injury, so Mourinho’s choice was ‘keep flogging Aurier and pray he doesn’t get injured from fatigue’ or ‘try Tanganga’. On the other side, Ben Davies was just as ineffective, playing his third game in the period – not ideal when just returning from injury.

The full-backs weren’t Spurs’ only problem, of course, but the inability to beat the press was playing into Chelsea’s hands. As Mourinho pointed out post-match ‘If they press us high, they know that if we go long we don’t win a single ball against the opponent’s defenders, If they drop the block and go with low block, they know it’s difficult for us to get into the box, especially from the sides. So opponents they know if they score a goal before us we’re in trouble.’

Frank Lampard certainly motivated and organised his players well but, essentially, without Harry Kane and Son Heung-min, we are easy to plan for.

Mourinho tried to do his best to find solutions to the press – namely by selecting our most ‘press-resistant’ midfield in Harry Winks, Tanguy Ndombele and Giovani Lo Celso, but then he played Lo Celso from the right, in a curious move. He still had more touches (87) than any other Spurs player on the pitch but we struggled to get him involved in the first half when his presence was badly needed to help move the ball through midfield.

Ndombele looked – as ever – unfit whilst Chelsea’s midfield of Jorginho and Mateo Kovacic, with Mason Mount and Ross Barkley snapping into tackles and closing space quickly ahead of them, looked the opposite: fit, sharp, spritely, motivated.

One positive came in the shape of Steven Bergwijn. Though these were small steps towards finding a solution to missing our two best goal-getters, he showed an ability to be able to play with his back to goal. Bergwijn is excellent technically – an immaculate first touch, neat turning circle and – crucially – a real awareness of those around him. His lay-offs and link-up play were impressive, particularly given he was up against three centre-backs with little support.


And thus we move onto Lucas Moura. Lucas Moura is a club legend in my eyes – his name will never be forgotten at White Hart Lane. That display against Ajax will be recounted to new fans for generations. But Mourinho’s persistence with Lucas as a starting player is hurting us.

Lucas’ first touch is an issue in itself. It’s not consistent enough, often ending up with his second being a tackle as the ball gets away from him. But it’s decision-making that’s so problematic. Like Son, Lucas dribbles with his head down. He’s an effective dribbler – those quick feet and that burst of acceleration – but the fact that he’s got his head down means that he 1. often runs into defenders, and 2. is unaware of his teammates. But, unlike Son, there’s little of note at the end of his dribbles.

Whilst Lucas’ effort levels are tremendous, they are not matched by his output. In his last ten starts he has one goal and one assist. And let’s remember that he has mostly played up front in that time.

But it isn’t just the last ten games – it’s Lucas’ productivity across his Spurs career. A goal or assist every 184.6 minutes; it takes more than two matches for Lucas to get a goal or assist. This season it’s 227.9, or 257.8 in the Premier League; this is very bad.

Lucas has nine assists in nearly 6,000 minutes played for us. It seems cruel to compare his 184.6 mins per goal/assist ration to Son’s 109.1 minutes, but even the oft-criticised Lamela manages a goal or assist every 152.9 minutes.

Of course, the other reason for removing Lucas from the starting XI for a while is that he’s a genuinely useful ‘change up’ option to have on the bench. When you need an injection of pace against tired legs, he’s ideal.

Lucas seems to be a Mourinho favourite – we all remember those quotes at the beginning of Mourinho’s tenure about wanting to sign him previously. Plus, removing him from the team now will be seen as madness, given our lack of other forward options. But, in my opinion, it’s essential that we try something new if we want to start scoring regularly again.

Mourinho’s impossible situation

It didn’t take long for sections of the fan-base to turn on Mourinho – plenty were never fully ‘for’ him in the first place. But it seems to me to be the wrong time to be judging him.

The team that Mourinho inherited was fundamentally broken. On a downward turn that – if we’re honest – had been going on for the best part of a year (the Champions League run tricking us into thinking everything was okay). There was no structure or cohesion on the pitch, team unity seemed to be lacking. I think he did the right things in letting Christian Eriksen leave, in getting rid of Danny Rose, in tying Toby Alderweireld down to a new contract. The January signings seemed sensible, albeit more reinforcements would have been nice (more on that here).

The number of matches since he arrived three months ago has meant that he has had limited time on the training ground to implement tactical improvements and, when he has had that time, he has been hit by injury after injury: Hugo Lloris, Ben Davies, Moussa Sissoko, Harry Kane and now Son Heung-min. Giovani Lo Celso wasn’t available at the start. Tanguy Ndombele has barely been available either.

I understand that fans don’t want to see a low to medium block, inviting teams that we feel we are on a par with onto us, and trying to counter-attack them. But I believe that Mourinho has very few options at the moment that don’t involve doing that. Had he attempted to play through midfield against RB Leipzig they would have picked us off at will. Chelsea pressed us effectively and forced us to play long and then mopped up those long balls. When we tried to play it into midfield, they got bodies around us and won the ball back. These are not easy matches when you have so many limiting factors at play at once. It’s not like we had a working system pre-Mourinho and he just needed to tweak things: he had to go back to basics and try to re-build the team structure from scratch.

We now have a comparatively favourable run of fixtures in March (though it involves six matches in 20 days):

  • Wolverhampton Wanderers (H) – PL
  • Norwich City (H) – FAC
  • Burnley (A) – PL
  • RasenBallsport Leipzig (A) – CL
  • Manchester United (H) – PL
  • West Ham (H) – PL

What I hope to see from these matches is a solution forming up front that does not involve Lucas. I’d like to see Bergwijn continue through the middle, with Dele from the left and Lamela from the right, but both close to Bergwijn to try to connect with him and create opportunities through clever movement and interplay.

I’d like to see some more rotation of and experimentation with the full-backs – I’m happy with Tanganga on the right if it is the ‘withdrawn full-back’ role and Ryan Sessegnon comes in on the left. Foyth could also play there too. Aurier’s performances are so mixed, whilst Davies is clearly not the silver bullet that Mourinho hoped he would be.

I’d like to see Ndombele get a run of games to build fitness – he’s one of our biggest hopes. Keep that midfield together and make it gel.

And I’d like to see us work on set pieces. I have been shouting it into the void on Twitter, but Tanganga needs to be in the box for every corner. He is one of our best players at attacking the ball and he is always held back to cover the counter. We need goals from all possible sources, and set piece goals would be incredibly useful right now.

Fourth is still possible if we can eke out some results, and fifth may yet get us Champions League football. The run-in won’t be pretty, but there’s plenty left to aim for.

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  1. Yes agree with you well thought out.
    1. Interesting read and agree with a lot of points. No other team has been hit with key injuries. Agree totally with comments about Lucas, Kane is massive loss, but if not going to play Troy then we only have ourselves to blame, it doesn’t get the best out of Dele, who in my opinion is being used as scape goat for the team, last week he ran 1km more on the pitch than any other player, but was subbed, from where we sit you can see his frustration with team (winks, diet) not closing or the defence either playing across the back or hoofing it hopelessly forward, he is making space and making the runs...And have we forgotten the impact of Sissoko, he was in the form of his spurs career, i’d Almost argue that’s a bigger loss than Son, in absence of Kane being injured. Whilst the additions to the squad are welcome, we were desperate for a right back ( and possibly left back although I’d like to see Ryan n there regularly), that would have been better for example Max Aarons. Serge rested ...I hope it was dropped, just jogs back, points at everybody else, 1:10 good crosses, and always out of position...,,all that said need to keep the faith COYS!
      1. Eriksen had great stats too before he left lots of passes lots of ground covered means sqat its impact that matters more. Dele has been very poor for almost as long as eriksen with his clothing company among other things more important it seems. As for parrott do you not think if he is the real deal he would be playing. Tangana has been given a chance so has foyth so jose has played young guys. I would suggest maybe parrott needs to turn up at training put in a effort and clean up his outside activities to get his chance. Fans calling for something they know nothing about. Remember poch called for proper investment it never happened he was sacked as it was cheaper to sack him than invest. Had a striker been brought in we would not be having this discussion so lay the blame at the feet where it belongs the chairman and the board.
      2. I am absolutely convinced, now, that Parrott isn't playing because Mourinho doesn't think he's ready mentally. He pretty much said this in his interview with Des Kelly for BT.
  2. Whilst your article is wise in many ways you do not offer much better in form of solutions. Dele has been very poor and looks as interested as eriksen. His form is about the same, plenty of running very little endgame. The position we are in is down to true lack of investment by Levy and the board. If they were as interested in Tottenham the team as they are in Tottenham the franchise we might progress however their failure to sign a second striker instead insisting on making square pegs fit is killing the team and a lot of our very foolish fans. I have read to many Levy lovers blaming Jose or calling for parrott as a solution when if Levy and the board had done their jobs the solution would be at the club now. ENIC OUT.
    1. I'm not a levy lover why do you want enic out . They spent money in the summer and January built a billion pound stadium. What else do you want sometimes it's the people you buy 63 million for a unfit player who cant even run around for 60 mins .
      1. Read my reply below then please reply. I have posted questions maybe you can explain to me reference Liverpool and please don't say I don't care about Liverpool because they are very valid reference enic and the so called development of Tottenham plc not Tottenham the team.
      2. I think you'll see major spending in the summer now that the revenue base is there.
      3. That would include money from the big fight that has just been released. So would should be able to afford Greelish, Aaron's and a good second striker.
      4. The spending in the summer will be if it happens and to what extent interesting. Who will leave. For me Dier, lamela and aurier along with vertongon, vorm, wnayama and foyth should either be sold or released in those at the end of contracts. I do not expect much going on previous Levy windows. Maybe this time we will get those signing to do a medical that says they are fit for purpose unlike a certain french midfielder who reminds me of the child in the playground who crys when touched. Maybe we should sell or trade him too.
  3. Very thought provoking. I do not agree with Tanganga as s full-back. With Davies on the left we had no width and Chelsea funnelled us into the middle. I do not agree with playing Foyth as his lack of body strength means he loses the ball. Agree with you on Lucas. Time he was rested. I would play Aurier Aldweireld Sanchez/Tanganga and Davies as flat back four rotating the two young centre-halves. Winks and Ndombele/Gedson as covering midfield. Lo Celso Lamela Bergwijn Moura Sessegnon Parrott as a rotating attacking six.
    1. Sensible, pragmatic suggestions, Barry. Thanks for the comment!
  4. But Chris, given the scribal fellatio and his own self- promotion, José has brought on this high expectation schtick and he better suck it up. Have never liked the man since Seville 2003, the High Priest of anti-football. Levy has sought him since 2007 and we're stuck with him but I love my club I refuse to love this coach.
    1. Are you a Levy lover too. Just asking. Liverpool invested in the team first the ground could wait. We have the highest debt of any club in Europe. Liverpool are now seen as the best club in the world. Liverpool lost CL to real Madrid then came back the following year to beat us and win everything else. We lost CL to Liverpool so if Levy is the real deal we should be winning this year. So please all enic lovers explain to me were we are going. What I see is chocolate tomorrow or the next day or the next. Truth be told under enic reign one carling cup. That's it. New stadium new training ground but a team that is stuck and going nowhere. So tell me who got it right Liverpool or us. Remember the prices go up next year even though we posted record profits. Just asking. We are the 8th richest club with more staff than Chelsea and arsenal but can't afford a second striker. Answers please.
      1. I agree we should of brought a back up striker. And we were ahead of Liverpool for a few years . But some of it is poch fault as well he didn't want to upset his squad and find someone to play second fiddle to kane. Last year's summer when we didn't buy anyone was the problem and has helped cause the current situation. But there was other problems with current and former players that didn't help. Ericksen verts rose and Toby not wanting to sign contracts. And even though we put them in the window no one came in for them . If we sold 3 of them players last year the board probably would of brought new players . This summer We brought a 63million pound unfit player who hasn't done anything I think we missed a trick and we should of brought grealish instead of ndembele at least he works hard.
      2. We are the 8th richest club with more cleaning staff than Chelsea and arsenal but the board can't find the money for a second striker. The problem is enic. They are money men interested only in money not the team. Clean the stadium first and foremost trophies can wait. Twenty years one carling cup, biggest debt and fighting Sheffield United for fifth spot. Come on stop defending these lot because they don't give a monkey about any fan only the money in his pocket. As for our record signing please have not learned about buying French players. The guy looks shot and let's not forget why we didn't get Greelish, Levy refused to pay that extra million. The guy is an idiot when it comes to players.
      3. I think they would have signed a striker had the right one been available - they were clearly looking.
      4. Were they really. The old Levy line of running out of time. Halland of dortmund at 20 million. As for spending in the summer ha I very much doubt it. Can you please answer my question reference Liverpool who has got it right and who has not because in my eyes as a supporter it is Liverpool who have put the team and the fans first. Why have spurs employed so many staff reference a recent article compared to Chelsea and arsenal. Money saved there could have went towards a striker. One trophy in twenty years of enic and the biggest debt is not good management in my eyes.
      5. Halland wanted to stay in Germany didn't the richest club in the world .man Utd fail in a bid for him so why would the 8th richest get him if the richest didn't. I am not sticking up for Enid I am saying some of the fault lies with greedy players and there agents and the managers . How many more staff have we got than che and arse I'm and how much do they earn ano more than 20k a year not even probably 6 cleaners years wages not even what we play one of our players a week . And if you have noticed our stadium is nearly twice the size of Chelsea
      6. The halland thing was an example how many names were mentioned only for none to appear. For fans to blame Jose for his team selections when his hands are tied as tight as poch was due to failure of Levy to supply. in the Greelish case one million shows how short sighted Levy is. How many more years will we have to listen to enic excuses but still the ticket prices continue to rise. Oh well at least we do not have to employ a cleaner for the trophy cabinet unlike a big club like Leicester. Yes our stadium might be twice the size but we still cannot beat Chelsea that's six points they took of us this year so even with the extra revenue we still can't beat them.
      7. Going that both wolves and united( now one point ahead of us) have won today as expected I fear the best we can hope for this year is 8th or 9th. The teams behind us look stronger and are scoring goals something I think we will fail to do. Given if this happens I wonder what affect this will have on spending come the summer.
    2. But you appreciate how he's hamstrung right now?
  5. Time for Troy this will stabilise the team.You have to go into the water if you want to swim. So give the boy his opportunity. He will deliver just like Harry did some years ago.
    1. Whatever. If he is the real deal why did poch not play him. If he is the real deal why is he not making the team. Tangana made the team. What it says to me is tangana goes to traning and does not hang around on boats belonging to drug dealers as far as I know. Parrott needs to sort his head maybe Robbie Keane could talk to him.
    2. I think Parrott could do well given a chance, but I'm also sure that Mourinho needs convincing that he's ready mentally.
      1. I am interested on what you base this idea that parrott could do well on. This is a genuine question as we have seen nothing of him and although neither lucas or bergwin are strikers what makes you think he should come in to replace them. Please can you explain.
  6. Why did poch who loves or loved young players not play him just asking. The guy has some sort of issue or he would get a chance. Again the striker shortage is not a new thing this year and is entirely of Levy making no one else to blame.
  7. Football is meant to be entertaining. At the moment it is like watching a pub team. I certainly wont be wasting any more money on buying tickets, when the football is almost non existant. What is the point of paying to be bored senseless. I wouldn't pay to watch paint dry, so why would I continue to pay to watch players who are set up to not play any football? I feel sorry for Lo Celso who is clearly very talented and is wasted in this negative setup. It was far more enjoyable to watch the team play under Redknapp, who despite his lack of tactical awareness always set up his teams to give it a real go, whoever the opposition was. This is the complete opposite of Mourinho's negative mindset.
    1. Rednapp had a completely different group of players and I wonder had he lost three of his most important players to injury what way he would have set up. Is it jose or is it the group of players he has and among the players available at the moment who will score the goals on present form. Answers please
      1. Redknapp always went for it, regardless of which players he had at his disposal. He had a postive mindset and believed in attacking and entertaining football. Mourinho is the opposite and is anti football and anti entertainment. Mourinho is all about safety first, whereas Redknapp was all about attacking. Mourinho's tactics so far are to sit back, not really press for the ball, let the opponent play all the football and wait in case they make a mistake which can then be pounced on. When his defenders get the ball, they have been told to hit long balls, with the hope that one of the attackers may get lucky. And that is about it. What would you prefer to watch - a team playing like Stoke under Pulis, or how we used to play under Redknapp? Redknapp would have focused on getting Lo Celso to attack, rather than defending spaces on the right of midfield. This team has enough talented players to give any team a good game, but only by taking risks and being positive in the approach.
      2. Wrong this team does not have enough quality players to take on any team and the one thing this team has proved both under jose and poch they will conceed goals. I guess what you are saying under rednapp who remember wanted the England job so that's why he got the chop get thumped 5-1 or 2-0 under jose. This team to me does not scream goals so I'm not sure what you are basing your ideas on. Moura, bergwin, lo celso, lamela dele none of them guys are goal getters in their own right in this team. Here is sadly what I see loss in Germany and finish somewhere between 7th and 10th in the league based on we will not be able to break teams down. They will press us and as we don't have a go to man up front it will be a very painful end from now on in till the end of the season. Our failure to land that striker will haunt Levy more than he ever expected. I also sadly expect Kane and either dele or son to leave in the summer. That cannot all be down to jose. Remember before he came we had one of the worst away records under poch. For the record I wanted us to sign the leipzig coach but we don't get what we want.
      3. I agree with you that we 100% need a striker, but that is still not a reason for giving up and not trying to play football. I would have liked us to keep Llorente for a bit. Saying that, he was poor in the league games and only did well in the Champions League for us. I am surprised Parrott isn't playing, because he looked very good in the pre-season matches. In the past, we had four strikers and to only use one in Harry Kane is madness.
  8. Interesting read as always, Chris. It's far easier at the moment to see the problems than the solutions. Moura really is the most frustrating player and those stats go to show why, would much rather see Stevie Bergwijn in the middle with Moura to come off the bench, or Parrott to be given a go, I really don't get what is going on there tbh. The full back issue I honestly have no answers to what we should do other than keep Aurier out of the starting XI. Although I think in retrospect it probably was time for Poch to move on Mourinho wasn't the man for me, never was, never will be. Honestly, think at the minute his attitude is killing us, banging on about having no strikers in every interview, every press conference is just so damn counter-productive, it is just dragging the mood down, needs to be more upbeat or something just try to change the narrative. I'm not quite sure about that 'comparatively favourable run of fixtures' you mention, your'e more of an optimist than me I guess. Still, on the bright side Arsenal are one down at home to Everton as I type this.
    1. For me what he is saying to the fans is don't blame me I'm trying but who is going to score. On jose and I like you was against him as manager the fact is he is here please tell us what is his solution. Neither moura nor bergwin are strikers and dele well how many goals has he scored this year. When did he last play in a way that made you proud to have him in the team. The guy is an idiot and spends more time diving and falling over that rose did. The whole thing is a mess and as much as it tires me to say it I feel sorry for jose. Even when we spend big money we buy rubbish that can't play for more than 60 minutes and spends more time avoiding tackles than eriksen. What is wrong with this club if it is not enic someone please tell me.
  9. Do fans really believe if ENIC sold and Daniel Levy wasn`t chairman any more all our problems would be solved? We would have unlimited money to spend on the worlds best players, who in turn would want to come to our club, and of course they would all be brilliant, which would therefore bring lasting success and silverware!
    1. Well whoever bought us would not have much to beat like I say one carling cup in twenty years is not much success. As for our run mentioned by the writer I do not see us getting much success against teams in the list above simply down to who will score the goals. Please stop with the parrott rubbish the guy is 18 and shown nothing to two managers to suggest he deserves a start.
  10. Arsenal has three strikers Spurs has one striker Arsenal wise Spurs stupid It is time for Spurs to learn this lessons so that they can have three striker for new season but big question Will Levy get three striker??? Worse of all is Ben Davies he must not be used for next match Sell him in Summer and get Ben Childwell
    1. What people forget under rednapp did we not have at least two strikers if not three. When Alex ferguson was so successful he had four. We now play and have for years under enic with one. Just saying.
  11. Everyone mentions Troy, however, surely we have other strikers in the reserves,under-23, whatever, that can score goals, these guys never ever make even the substitutes bench.. we loan out plenty, at this timewe need to gamble.. Harry came through as a gamble, when he first started he could't even score a goal , look how many misses, even when there was no goalie he missed.. we have nothing to lose.. where are the others?
  12. Etete plays for the 18s stands over 6 foot tall but is he worth any more than parrott. This is the mess we are in with everyone closing on us it's going to be a painful end to the season.
  13. I know the cracks in this squad were deepening last season, even if our sheer 'will' took us to the edge of Glory in the CL, but we really are in trouble at the moment, and this season looks already cooked. If Son hadn't been injured last Saturday, there was a chance we'd still be in with a shout in the CL against Leipzig, and the PL top four against a not particularly good Chelsea team. But he was (injured) and our squad has now become exposed horribly. The Emperor has got no clothes! Can't blame Moura, Lamela, Alli, or Berjwyn, because those players thrive in different ways, and only play to their defined strengths when quality players (eg Kane/Son and our missing 'cover') are up front with them. They shouldn't be expected to adapt to different roles, when that's not their strength. Can't blame Lo Celso, because his best position has yet to be determined, other than trying to be the all action 'everywhere' midfielder. He needs to be nurtured to replace Eriksen, and again this is where quality in front of him, as well as behind him, is key. Can't blame Winks because he clearly misses an in-form and fit partner (Dier and/or a driving Sissoko) alongside him, as well as a front line he can link with and who knows what they're doing. Can't blame Tanganga because he was asked to play a role he's never really played before, in a rigid back 5. Can't blame Davies, just back from injury and again not used to a rigid set-up, when a 3 5 2 would have suited him much more. Can't blame Aurier, who tries hard in every game, but can't get up and down the pitch quickly enough, worries us all when he tackles, and just can't cross consistently. There's just no balance in our squad anymore. No world class full/wing back play that we once had, far slower central defenders (but can't blame increasing age and decreasing pace slowing up Verts and Toby). I shouldn't really blame our most expensive signing, Ndombele, but I do a bit, fitness wise. I don't care about the 'glimpses' of class he's occasionally shown. I know he's young, but I care about what position he actually plays, and how he can dominate from that position consistently! Is he an attacking midfielder? A creative one, a central one, defensive one, wide player ..what?? Find out what the guy does best, Mourinho, then get him damn fit, and use him there! Fernandes? ..seen nothing yet to interest me. Sanchez and Dier? Get back to the players you once were! You're not old, and you're in the prime of life. So get back to being top class footballers again. Foyth? stop stalling and show more than just long-term 'promise' once you get back from injury. So who DO I really blame? Levy's inability to see, for the past two years, that we've needed decent back up for Kane. That we should have, at the very least, extended Llorente's contract, if we couldn't find anyone else decent to come here! I blame Levy/Poch too for selling Trippier, when he clearly would have stayed if he'd been wanted by Poch. Rose and Eriksen should have gone a season earlier, Walker a season later than he did, and, as well as full backs, we should have looked to properly replace Dembele (a unique player at his best, whose hold up of the ball in central midfield allowed his teammates to create havoc). I could blame Mourinho's tactics but what's the point. Even Poch's tactics would struggle right now with these very good players (in what's left of our squad) but who play like strangers in a strange land trying to understand a strange plan.
    1. Very well written probably the most to the point post of all. Jose can only work with what he has and when the holes are square and the pegs round. I think even the most talented managrr/coach would struggle with this squad. It is so wrong all over the pitch. Players too old and slow others not fit and others played over and over again. I only see pain ahead which I think in his own way is what Jose is saying.
  14. I think there is little doubt that Mourinho inherited a group of players clearly on the wane and lacking a clear sense of direction or indeed purpose, and this was fairly evident around this time last year so not a new issue by any stretch. Indeed Tottenham sadly have been exposed continually along this time frame with a catastrophic end of season, and stagnant Champions league final anticlimax in wimpering out to an under par Liverpool, followed by largely forget-able current campaign with largely forget-able performances which will likely end with a deep sense of frustation, bewilderment and disappointment. Where has it all gone wrong? I think you need look no further than Levy's often perturbing and meddling dalliance's with THFC's transfer policy, which have over a period arguably resulted in a stunted distorted lack of overall growth as a top side who are now failing to live up to the measure and quality of the hard gained reputation built these last few years. Pochettino was largely unheeded when he more than hinted that a painful rebuild was necessary to reinvent Tottenham's ambitions, and ultimately paid the price with his position as things turned sour. In some ways you could argue that Mourinho has already received quicker overall support in buying players than Poch' ever did under Levy, but as a club Spurs seem to have fallen into the trap of buying not first, second or even third choice players but ones that fall under the category of bargain chasing options rather than must have components of a well planned team build. The net result seems more oft than not that players either fail to fit or take a long time to adapt to the team philosophy (though I'm not quite sure that one even exists presently) and thus we have a band of individuals with no sense of the collective unity requisite to building an established team identity. Personally I think sacking Pochettino was and still is a huge mistake that was vastly premature and truly lacking in foresight and clarity, and arguably Levy's biggest clanger thus far. But irrespective of this whom ever sits in the veritable hot seat as Tottenham manager is going to struggle unless they are given the requisite tools to really do their job. There are gaping flaws and imbalances to the make up of Tottenham's squad, and this has greatly undermined morale and affected confidence and belief. It is hard to believe that a club which so identifies with attractive attacking football ideologies is so mired in the negative static and sluggish stuff which is clearly costing us points, the energy and drive that has seen Spurs elevated to top four perennials in recent times now appears to be drifting into decline replaced by a stubborn hubris and complacency that indicates the bubble of expectancy has burst, these are sad times for Spurs fans I fear with little hint of better around corners bend!
  15. Good article. As others have pointed out though swapping Moura for an out of form Dele who has less pace isn't likely to do much. Its obvious we need to sort out the lack of back up for Kane, but how is it when you read comments this mythical player never has a name ? Also how come Lewandowski has no like for like back up at Bayern either ? Could it be that such a player is actually very hard to find ? Personally I suspect its about the rest of the team adapting to a much more limited centre forward if Kane isn't there, something they failed to do with Llorente under Pochettino. The strange thing is I'm a lot less concerned than most. Yes this season may well be a write off, so what ? Given the journey we've had in the past few years we are about due. Mourinho is having to fire fight at the moment. The injuries are killing us and playing twice a week makes proper training impossible. But come the summer Jose will actually be in a much better position. He has good players to work with, despite the panic stricken rubbish you read on web sites. Lo Celso is already looking a star, as does Bergwijn, Tanganga looks like he will become one. Hopefully Kane and Son will have better luck with injuries next season. Really he has only a couple of major problems to sort out. Firstly a Plan C if both Kane and Son are missing, partly recruitment, partly how the team set up. Secondly we clearly need another left sided defender as Davies seems to be last man standing. If players who are a genuine upgrade on what we already have become available then that's a bonus but you measure success in the transfer market by what you buy not how much you spend. After that its about working hard on the training field to get the team playing the way he wants it to play. Then we'll see what happens next season. One thing though, if this season is going to be a write off can we please miss out on Europe altogether ? That will improve our chances in the league a lot next season.

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